1995-1998 S14 G2 Carbon OEM+ Radio Trim Bezel


1995-1998 S14 OEM+ Radio Trim Bezel Pre-ORDER!

-OE fitment, color and texture

-includes USB ports and Cell Phone Slot and Cubby

**Please read below for further details**


1995-1998 S14 OEM+ Radio Trim Bezel

We are now producing the S14 OEM+ Radio Trim Bezel.

Some of the features are below:

-OEM like texture, fit and color. Not 3d printed. Nothing against 3d printing, but, you can never get the proper OEM fitment and look with FDM without alot of post finishing work.

-This version includes USB ports in place of cigarette lighter and Cell Phone slot and cubby hole in place of ashtray.

Check out our S14 Shifter Trims that we currently make in right hand drive and left hand drive variations.

**Turnaround time is 2-3 weeks at the current moment! Depending on current supplies and materials in stock! We aim to produce the part quicker then this BUT sometimes unforseen circumstances create delays. Please email or DM us for more accurate lead times.**


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